Makeup tips for better pictures

Like many of us trying to conquer applying makeup can be a difficult task. But, when you have to take a picture wearing it OMG!!!! there’s the flash and the perfect lighting and so many other factors to achieve the perfect selfie. So here is a list of 11 makeup tips that will look great in any picture.


Use mattes: Mattes are flat colors that do not have any sparkle or shimmer, that way no light will be reflected off your face.

makeup tips for pictures

Apply in natural lighting: Indoor lighting can change the appearance of your makeup (although certain light bulbs can counteract that affect), some lights can make your skin tone appear lighter making you apply makeup to heavily.

makeup tips for pictures.jpg 2

Use yellow tinted powder: Better than a shimmery or translucent powder for the purpose of pictures. Other powders can reflect light which can leave a shine.

makeup tips for pictures 3

Blend in under the eye concealer: If its not blended well it may still reveal fine lines and leave a darker coloring around the eye.

makeup tips for pictures 4

Black liner & Black mascara: If you use browns opt for black, the darker hue will give you way better contrast and make your eyes pop.

makeup tips for pictures 5

Blush: Skipping blush can wash you out under the flash, blush will give you definition in the light. Apply lightly and apply more as needed.

makeup tips for pictures 6

Don’t skip lipstick: Lipstick gives contrast to the lips forgetting this step can cause your mouth to blend in with the rest of your face. For best results use a bold or nude color depending on the look.

makeup tips for pictures 7

Avoid shadows: Position your face towards the camera to avoid shadows across the face and chin.

makeup tips for pictures 12

Contour & Highlight: Use a bronzer a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone. Areas to apply: cheekbones, under chin and sides of nose, outer corners of forehead. Apply lighter color to the areas the light hits.

makeup tips for pictures 8

Start with primer: Its the glue to keep your makeup looking beautiful without coming off so suddenly.

makeup tips for pictures 9

Add some lashes: Even if you already have long lashes, adding some extra volume around the corners of your eyes, can really highlight your eyes and make them even more beautiful.

makeup tips for pictures 10



Young M.A.

Young M.A 10 Bands x Brooklyn Poppin’ (Freestyle Music Videos)


A new 23 year old independent artist kicking down doors from Brooklyn, New York. Grabbing everyone’s attention with her “Brooklyn (Chiraq Freestyle)” to be seen on YouTube back in August 2014 but picking up rapid speed from share to share and page to page on Facebook in 2015, gaining over 23 million + views. Since gaining such worldwide popularity she has been displaying a very versatile style that hip hop has been missing for a long time. Keeping us tuned in with the witty punch lines, catchy hooks and beats Young M.A. will be around for generations to come. As said in some of her interviews she is Not a gangsta raper nor trying to be one but just giving us a glimpse of her life and what she has dealt with living in New York. In pulling back the curtains and opening her life she also talks and raps a lot about the death of her brother back in 2009. You can hear some of these lyrics in the “Chiraq freestyle” and in a song dedicated to him on the “M.A. the Mixtape” track #8 Dear bro speaking on the death of her brother. Among that she also has a song dedicated to her long time girlfriend titled none other than “Girlfriend” and she can also be featured in the you tube video as well. Among those she also gives us some party anthems as well that will have you out your seat titled “Henny Dance” and “Actin Up”. There is definitely no denying that Young M.A. will be hip hop’s top contender and force to be reckoned with.

Debut project “Sleepwalkin” will be released November 4th, 2015 and “Herstory” to be released in 2016.

Follow Young M.A.

Instagram: @hennynhoes

Twitter: YoungMamusic

Soundcloud: Youngma

Facebook: YoungMamusic

Youtube: YoungMamusic

Snapchat: youngmaofficial

Booking info: or

“First they hating on you then they duplicate your image and you can say I’m wack that ain’t a fact that’s your opinion”

young ma 2

Download on


  1. Intro Young MA
  2. Body Bag
  3. Henny Dance
  4. Actin Up
  5. Girlfriend
  6. No Trust
  7. Plottin (Short Story)
  8. Dear Bro (Bonus Track)
  9. Pain
  10. Hot Nigga
  11. M.A. Bitch (Freestyle)
  12. Danny Glover (Freestyle)
  13. Levels (Freestyle)
  14. Wet Wet (Red Nose Riddim)
  15. OG Bobby Johnson (Freestyle)
  16. Kold World
  17. 6 God Freestyle

young ma 4

young ma 5

Stylist Tips

Try a thicker waistband

For a more smoother pulled in look or even to just even out your proportions. Now if you feel the thick waistband is not for you, a thick belt works just the same. This look can sometimes eliminate having to wear shape-wear garments.

( Thick waistbands are also referred to as wide/high waist as well)

thick waistband thick waistband 2 thick waistband 3 thick waistband 4 thick waistband 5 thick waistband 6   thick waistband 9thick waistband 7

Stylist Tips

Mix your prints- Combine colors and patterns and different fabrics for a unique look just be mindful not to overdue it

( Mix large/bold prints with small prints, and be sure your base colors compliment each other)

mixing prints

mixing prints 2

mixing prints 3

mixing prints 4

mixing prints 5

Stylist Tips

If you wanna spice up your outfit without being overly sexy but just enough to make heads turn, then leopard print is the way to go. The most worn print simply because its so glamorous and racy. Everyone should own at least ONE leopard print item both men and women. Can be mixed and matched with almost any color.

leopard print 2 leopard print 3 leopard print 4 leopard print 5 leopard print 6 leopard print 7 leopard print 8

Stylist Tips

Layer, Layer, Layer….Its all about the layers when it comes to wearing your necklace, you can do multiples of the same material or go for contrast by mixing and matching edgy chains, pearls or even feathers. The ideas are endless!!!!!!

necklace length guide

layered necklacelayered necklace 2

layered necklace 3

layered necklace 4

layered necklace 5

OMG…….Anal sex

Anal sex is probably the #1 Taboo when it comes to sex. The one sex act that peaks everyone’s curiosity but only few dare to venture down the “one way” street. So for those who may be interested I’m here to give you some tips on how to do it correctly.

booty a


  • Different sensation compared to vaginal sex so the body reacts differently
  • Rectum will grip the penis like a vacuum
  • Add clitoral stimulation for even more sensation


  • It can be painful
  • It can be messy

Those are just some of the pros and cons that we all think about when it comes to this sex act and these questions are not just from women, some men also have these concerns if this is their first time as well. So i will list six tips below to conquering the “one way” street with a breeze. This act if done correctly can be very pleasurable for both men and women, it can feel good for men because the prostate gets plenty of attention and for women since the nerve endings in that area are extremely sensitive.



  1. Use dark sheets– Just in case your worried about mess that way you wont see it if any stains are left clean up will be a breeze
  2. Don’t over douche– Excessive douching can dry out the anal cavity which can cause anal tearing if too dry
  3. Relax– Make this a non-intimidating environment the less tense she is the easier it is for entry, this is when foreplay comes into play literally. play some sexy music, proper lighting and start off with a full body massage
  4. Anal foreplay– Use the tongue and or fingers and or sex toys whatever her preference may be comfort is key and still keep it slow
  5. Lube it up– Make sure to use a condom safe lubricant so you don’t risk condom breakage, also look for a water based lubricant that way it evaporates much better clean up, petroleum can clog the rectum area
  6. USE PROTECTION– Anal walls are very thin making it easier to contract diseases and not only that condoms help protect from stray fecal matter. If you choose not too use protection use antibacterial soap before switching back to vaginal sex

Color Blocking for Men & Women

So let’s start by explaining what color blocking is exactly. Color blocking is wearing blocks of colors bright and bold colors.

Tips for women

  • The louder the better; loud pops of color, be bold and fab.
  • Clashy attire only; don’t be afraid to clash colors they don’t have to coordinate all the time. Try pink and red, navy and black.
  • Keep it simple; neutral accessories, grey is the new neutral either shoes or accessories.
  • 3’s a charm; stick to 2 or 3 colors max anymore than that you’ll look like a rubix cube.
    Stay away from prints, they may take away the blocked visual.

color blocking

color blocking 2

color blocking 3

color blocking 4

Tips for men

  • Wear suitable colors close to your face, knowing what colors work best for you will ensure a successful look.
  • Stay in your lane by selecting a shirt, sweater or jacket colors that compliment personal coloring. ( colors near your face should stay warm. Unflattering colors can affect your appearance )
  • Incorporate neutral colors; incorporate brown accessories like a hat, belt and shoes up against a vibrant green or yellow combo. Neutrals also remove attention from body parts you want to downplay.
  • Understanding colors and how to use the right colors is the key to color blocking.

color blocking men

color blocking men 2

color blocking men 3

color blocking men 4