Makeup tips for better pictures

Like many of us trying to conquer applying makeup can be a difficult task. But, when you have to take a picture wearing it OMG!!!! there’s the flash and the perfect lighting and so many other factors to achieve the perfect selfie. So here is a list of 11 makeup tips that will look great in any picture.


Use mattes: Mattes are flat colors that do not have any sparkle or shimmer, that way no light will be reflected off your face.

makeup tips for pictures

Apply in natural lighting: Indoor lighting can change the appearance of your makeup (although certain light bulbs can counteract that affect), some lights can make your skin tone appear lighter making you apply makeup to heavily.

makeup tips for pictures.jpg 2

Use yellow tinted powder: Better than a shimmery or translucent powder for the purpose of pictures. Other powders can reflect light which can leave a shine.

makeup tips for pictures 3

Blend in under the eye concealer: If its not blended well it may still reveal fine lines and leave a darker coloring around the eye.

makeup tips for pictures 4

Black liner & Black mascara: If you use browns opt for black, the darker hue will give you way better contrast and make your eyes pop.

makeup tips for pictures 5

Blush: Skipping blush can wash you out under the flash, blush will give you definition in the light. Apply lightly and apply more as needed.

makeup tips for pictures 6

Don’t skip lipstick: Lipstick gives contrast to the lips forgetting this step can cause your mouth to blend in with the rest of your face. For best results use a bold or nude color depending on the look.

makeup tips for pictures 7

Avoid shadows: Position your face towards the camera to avoid shadows across the face and chin.

makeup tips for pictures 12

Contour & Highlight: Use a bronzer a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone. Areas to apply: cheekbones, under chin and sides of nose, outer corners of forehead. Apply lighter color to the areas the light hits.

makeup tips for pictures 8

Start with primer: Its the glue to keep your makeup looking beautiful without coming off so suddenly.

makeup tips for pictures 9

Add some lashes: Even if you already have long lashes, adding some extra volume around the corners of your eyes, can really highlight your eyes and make them even more beautiful.

makeup tips for pictures 10




  1. mandysmusingsblog · November 22, 2015

    Love this! Awesome tips! (:


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