Young M.A.

Young M.A 10 Bands x Brooklyn Poppin’ (Freestyle Music Videos)


A new 23 year old independent artist kicking down doors from Brooklyn, New York. Grabbing everyone’s attention with her “Brooklyn (Chiraq Freestyle)” to be seen on YouTube back in August 2014 but picking up rapid speed from share to share and page to page on Facebook in 2015, gaining over 23 million + views. Since gaining such worldwide popularity she has been displaying a very versatile style that hip hop has been missing for a long time. Keeping us tuned in with the witty punch lines, catchy hooks and beats Young M.A. will be around for generations to come. As said in some of her interviews she is Not a gangsta raper nor trying to be one but just giving us a glimpse of her life and what she has dealt with living in New York. In pulling back the curtains and opening her life she also talks and raps a lot about the death of her brother back in 2009. You can hear some of these lyrics in the “Chiraq freestyle” and in a song dedicated to him on the “M.A. the Mixtape” track #8 Dear bro speaking on the death of her brother. Among that she also has a song dedicated to her long time girlfriend titled none other than “Girlfriend” and she can also be featured in the you tube video as well. Among those she also gives us some party anthems as well that will have you out your seat titled “Henny Dance” and “Actin Up”. There is definitely no denying that Young M.A. will be hip hop’s top contender and force to be reckoned with.

Debut project “Sleepwalkin” will be released November 4th, 2015 and “Herstory” to be released in 2016.

Follow Young M.A.

Instagram: @hennynhoes

Twitter: YoungMamusic

Soundcloud: Youngma

Facebook: YoungMamusic

Youtube: YoungMamusic

Snapchat: youngmaofficial

Booking info: or

“First they hating on you then they duplicate your image and you can say I’m wack that ain’t a fact that’s your opinion”

young ma 2

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  1. Intro Young MA
  2. Body Bag
  3. Henny Dance
  4. Actin Up
  5. Girlfriend
  6. No Trust
  7. Plottin (Short Story)
  8. Dear Bro (Bonus Track)
  9. Pain
  10. Hot Nigga
  11. M.A. Bitch (Freestyle)
  12. Danny Glover (Freestyle)
  13. Levels (Freestyle)
  14. Wet Wet (Red Nose Riddim)
  15. OG Bobby Johnson (Freestyle)
  16. Kold World
  17. 6 God Freestyle

young ma 4

young ma 5


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