OMG…….Anal sex

Anal sex is probably the #1 Taboo when it comes to sex. The one sex act that peaks everyone’s curiosity but only few dare to venture down the “one way” street. So for those who may be interested I’m here to give you some tips on how to do it correctly.

booty a


  • Different sensation compared to vaginal sex so the body reacts differently
  • Rectum will grip the penis like a vacuum
  • Add clitoral stimulation for even more sensation


  • It can be painful
  • It can be messy

Those are just some of the pros and cons that we all think about when it comes to this sex act and these questions are not just from women, some men also have these concerns if this is their first time as well. So i will list six tips below to conquering the “one way” street with a breeze. This act if done correctly can be very pleasurable for both men and women, it can feel good for men because the prostate gets plenty of attention and for women since the nerve endings in that area are extremely sensitive.



  1. Use dark sheets– Just in case your worried about mess that way you wont see it if any stains are left clean up will be a breeze
  2. Don’t over douche– Excessive douching can dry out the anal cavity which can cause anal tearing if too dry
  3. Relax– Make this a non-intimidating environment the less tense she is the easier it is for entry, this is when foreplay comes into play literally. play some sexy music, proper lighting and start off with a full body massage
  4. Anal foreplay– Use the tongue and or fingers and or sex toys whatever her preference may be comfort is key and still keep it slow
  5. Lube it up– Make sure to use a condom safe lubricant so you don’t risk condom breakage, also look for a water based lubricant that way it evaporates much better clean up, petroleum can clog the rectum area
  6. USE PROTECTION– Anal walls are very thin making it easier to contract diseases and not only that condoms help protect from stray fecal matter. If you choose not too use protection use antibacterial soap before switching back to vaginal sex

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