Color Blocking for Men & Women

So let’s start by explaining what color blocking is exactly. Color blocking is wearing blocks of colors bright and bold colors.

Tips for women

  • The louder the better; loud pops of color, be bold and fab.
  • Clashy attire only; don’t be afraid to clash colors they don’t have to coordinate all the time. Try pink and red, navy and black.
  • Keep it simple; neutral accessories, grey is the new neutral either shoes or accessories.
  • 3’s a charm; stick to 2 or 3 colors max anymore than that you’ll look like a rubix cube.
    Stay away from prints, they may take away the blocked visual.

color blocking

color blocking 2

color blocking 3

color blocking 4

Tips for men

  • Wear suitable colors close to your face, knowing what colors work best for you will ensure a successful look.
  • Stay in your lane by selecting a shirt, sweater or jacket colors that compliment personal coloring. ( colors near your face should stay warm. Unflattering colors can affect your appearance )
  • Incorporate neutral colors; incorporate brown accessories like a hat, belt and shoes up against a vibrant green or yellow combo. Neutrals also remove attention from body parts you want to downplay.
  • Understanding colors and how to use the right colors is the key to color blocking.

color blocking men

color blocking men 2

color blocking men 3

color blocking men 4


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