Nail shapes of 2014

With all these NEW and OLD nail shapes coming out or regaining popularity it can so confusing, as to what the real name of the shape is. So I’ve put together a list of all the shapes that are in style that I could think of, if you know anymore feel free to comment them below.

oval nails

Oval: Very elegant shape, delicate and flattering. This shape is ideal for most women’s hands. Can also be for both wide and narrow nail beds. Adds length while retaining soft curve with the round shape. Is on the weaker side since the sides are filled down.

square nails

Square: Ideal for bigger nail bed but can be ideal for shorter nail beds. With shorter nail beds be mindful that this shape can sometimes make your nails look shorter and stubbier. Longer nail beds can look very lengthy. If not properly filed along the sides it can snag clothing and scratch people or things. The strongest of all nail shapes since it spans across the whole nail bed, breakage usually is rare.

squoval nails

Squoval (square & oval nail combination): Very popular for most people. Strong and versatile shape. If you have shorter nail beds they can appear over-sized, longer nail beds carry the length. The term came about in 1984 from Paula Gilmore.

round nails

Round: Conservative shapes (ideal for men because it mirrors the natural nail) works great for those who like shorter nails. Good for wide nails it gives the illusion of a thinner nail bed. Easy to maintain, if you work with hands keep it short.

almond nails

Almond: Slenderize and elongates fingers. Lady-like nail adds feminine flare to shorter nails. Can be a weak nail so its usually done with gel or acrylic.

coffin nails

Coffin/ballerina: Stiletto nail with the tip filed into a square. Works best for long & strong reinforced nails.

stiletto nails

Stiletto: One of the weakest nail shapes, can snag and scratch. Fun shape and can be highly flattering and much more adventurous. Creates great length and a slendering effect on your hand. Small hands/nail beds create the length and longer nail beds make more noticeable and extreme length.

duck feet nails

Duck Feet/ Fan nails: Extreme flare at the tip creating a wider free edge than the nail itself whether short or long.

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